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Semiconductor Technology
Zener Voltage Vz Typ
Breakdown Voltage Max
Reverse Recovery Time trr Typ
Power Dissipation Ptot Max
External Width
External Length / Height
External Depth
Reverse Recovery Time trr Max
Product Range
Power Dissipation Max
Power Dissipation Pd
Junction Temperature Tj Min
Automotive Qualification Standard
Thermal Capacitance Ct
Reverse Voltage Vr
Capacitance Ct
Breakdown Voltage Vbr
Peak Forward Current
Power Disspation Pd @ Tc = 25C Max
Current Irrm
External Diameter
Pin Configuration
Forward Current If Max
Current If @ Vf
Common Connection
No. of Pins
Diode Case Style
Operating Temperature Max
Forward Surge Current Ifsm Max
Forward Voltage VF Max
Diode Configuration
Forward Current If(AV)
Current Ifsm
Device Marking
Diode Type
Current Ir Max
Alternate Case Style
Reverse Voltage Vr Max
Termination Type
SMD Marking
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Temperature Min
Junction Temperature Tj Max
Forward Voltage
Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max
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