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Voltage, coil min
Pull-in Voltage
Product Range
Operating Time
Operating Temperature Min
Operating Temperature Max
Nom Operating Voltage
Nom Operating Power
No. of Pins
No. of Mechanical Operations
No. of Electrical Operations
Must Release Voltage
Relay Mounting
Relay Type
Release Time
Voltage, coil max
Switching Voltage Max
Switching Voltage AC / DC Max
Switching Power Max
Switching Frequency
Switching Current Max
Switch Power Max
Switch Current Max
Row Pitch
Resistance, coil
Must Actuate Voltage
Lead Spacing
Insulation Resistance
Contact Current AC Max
Contact Current
Contact Configuration
Coil Voltage VDC Nom
Coil Voltage Min
Coil Voltage Max
Coil Voltage
Coil Resistance
Coil Operating Voltage
Case Material
Approvals & Standards
Contact Current DC Max
Contact Current Max
Contact Current Rating
Hold Off Voltage Min
External Width
External Length / Height
External Height
External Depth
Dropout Voltage Vdo
Dielectric Strength VAC
Contact Voltage DC Nom
Contact Voltage DC Max
Contact Voltage AC Max
Contact Resistance
Approval Bodies
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Срокът на доставка за елементите, поръчани от Farnell, е 1-2 работни дни. За елементите, поръчани от Newark, срокът на доставка е 5-7 работни дни.