Switches (17831) » Rotary Coded (256)
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Switch Construction
Actuator Level
Actuation Type
Contact Current DC Max
Contact Resistance
Contact Current Rating
Pin Configuration
Switching Voltage
Angle of Throw
Insulation Resistance Voltage
External Width
Contact Voltage AC Max
Proof Voltage
Switching Current
External Depth
Operating Force Max
Switching Capacity
External Length / Height
Contact Voltage DC Min
Flammability Rating
Contact Voltage DC Max
No. of Switch Positions
Indexing Angle
No. of Mechanical Operations
Switch Mounting
Actuator / Cap Colour
No. of Positions
Output Code
Contact Current @ Contact Voltage DC Max
Contact Current DC
Operating Temperature Min
Actuator Type
Operating Temperature Max
Operating Force
Shaft Diameter
Product Range
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Срокът на доставка за елементите, поръчани от Farnell, е 1-2 работни дни. За елементите, поръчани от Newark, срокът на доставка е 5-7 работни дни.