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Rate of Current Change di / dt
Product Range
Pin Configuration
Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage, Vdrm
Peak Non Rep Surge Current Itsm 50Hz
Output Current
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Temperature Min
Rate of Voltage Change dv / dt
Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max
SCR Module Type
Voltage Vrsm
Thyristor Type
Thyristor Case Style
Thyristor Case
Thread Size
Termination Type
Temperature Vgt
Operating Temperature Max
On State RMS Current IT(rms)
No. of Pins
Fixing Centres
External Width
External Length / Height
External Depth
Current Temperature
Current Itsm
Current It av
Current Ib
Fixing Hole Diameter
Forward Current If(AV)
Forward Voltage VF Max
Module Configuration
Junction to Case Thermal Resistance A
Junction Temperature Tj Max
Isolation Voltage
Holding Current Max Ih
Gate Trigger Voltage Max Vgt
Gate Trigger Current Max, Igt
Case Temperature Tc
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Срокът на доставка за елементите, поръчани от Farnell, е 1-2 работни дни. За елементите, поръчани от Newark, срокът на доставка е 5-7 работни дни.