Cable/wire (13768) » Twinaxial (28)
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Wire Gauge
Operating Temperature Min
Outer Diameter
Screen Type Primary
Velocity of Propagation (%)
Voltage Rating
Wire Size
Attenuation @ 100MHz
Attenuation @ 10MHz
Attenuation @ 1MHz
Attenuation @ 400MHz
Attenuation @ 50MHz
Resistance per Metre
Product Range
Operating Temperature Max
Conductor Make-up
Conductor Area CSA
No. of Max Strands x Strand Size
Reel Length (Imperial)
Reel Length (Metric)
Conductor Material
Jacket Material
Jacket Colour
External Diameter
Alpha Type Number
Belden Type Number
Cable Type
Cable UL Style Number
Conductor Size
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Срокът на доставка за елементите, поръчани от Farnell, е 1-2 работни дни. За елементите, поръчани от Newark, срокът на доставка е 5-7 работни дни.